PARAM : Pasar Ramadhan (Murtabk RAJA)

PARAM Location: TTDI

Food Item: Murtabak special

With several queues ten-people deep (at it’s least busiest) waiting patiently to grab an ayam, daging or kambing murtabak, you can bet this stuff is GOOD. I am a big fan of the murtabak special daging/kambing, but the others are just as tasty. Moist and thick, their special concoction is absolutely perfect. And while you wait in line, check out the almost factory-line of murtabak making going on in the background. Drool-worthy and one of my most important staples at this particular PARAM for two years running!

Stall Name: Murtabak Raja

PARAM Description: In front of RHB

Price: Varies. Not cheap but worth every ringgit