please.. never feel like this before. have no spirit to do any work. i hate this feeling. everything is killing me. my boss, already leaving us~~for his own good i think. for us, life must go on.. immediate supervisor, kak zaini is very understanding. my opinion, if she can handle everything, let it be! no need to hire a new boss. everybody will be happy. hahah..

my life is going 90% according to my plan right now.. everything is good + superb. plan to take a short vacation (maybe Genting) maybe with acong. feeling quite stress lately. almost sick everyday (fever,migraine and so on) i hate it!

oh, today got futsall training. with my colleague. we'll be entering UEM sports carnival next month. i'll be playing futsall and bowling for my company. yeah.. bowling. not really good at it. but i have to! hahha... actually i want to play badminton, but due to some problems, i have to play bowling. looking forward to go training. thats my only goals today.

like to quote tajul's saying "everything business, nothing personal". i like to see the meaning of it in e different way. everything happened lately is all business for me, either work or fulfill someones needs. i want my own time! i want to take care of myself first! want to do what i like!

only god knows how i miss hiking, kayaking, camping, fishing, and all the "xtreme thinggy". i miss all that. and i'll NEVER got the chance to do all of that again! NEVER! my last hiking trip was in 2005, and the worst is kayak early 2005. you got to be kidding man! 3 years i'm doing nothing that benefits to my health! i even smoke a lot! people that know me well since 1998 - 2005 will see a big different in me now. i gained a lot of weight! close enough to be called FAT! OBES! BINTAT TORON! or whateva the shit that you want to call.

on top of that, i choose this way. i choose to not to hear my heart. i stop listening to my guts. i'm the one to blame. i missed a lot of my friends trip (kinabalu, sg padas sabah, indon hiking, mekong river fishing). huh..

i hate when some people think my hobby is a waste of time, money, dangering my body and sooooooooooooooooooooooo on. i need my time, my hobbies, my interest, my lifestyle, my .., and.. my......